Available from our Regular stock Grade-5 (6/4) Titanium material.


Reactive Response Technology titanium springs are designed not only to be the highest quality springs available but also an object of shear beauty.


Our basic springs are crafted from Grade-5 (6/4) titanium and upgraded springs from a premium material we labeled ALPHA-5 (Al,V,Fe,C,O,N,H). The ALPHA-5's unique properties allow for a superior spring in everyway. With less material used in the manufacture of the ALPHA-5 to get the same results as the Grade-5(6/4) spring, the result is a significantly lighter spring.

All springs undergo heat treating and a shot blasting during the finishing process to relieve stress from the winding and increase the materials hardness without becoming brittle. Steps like this are what set Reactive Response Technology springs apart from the rest. Whether in raw titanium or one of the stunning colour's available, the result is the same great spring.

Our engineering team has designed our products to allow you the confidence in your equipment to push your comfort zone further and give your bike a truly unique look.


Size Reference

35.5mm ID   -  Fox

                          - Marzocchi (Newer)


36.5mm ID - BOS

                        - Cane Creek

                        - DVO

                        - FAST

                        - Manitou

                        - Marzocchi (older)

                        - Ohlins

                        - X-Fusion


38mm ID - Rock Shox

                    - MRP

38.5mm ID - EXT

Titanium Spring - Grade-5 (6/4)

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